28 de jul de 2012

World Freestyle Championship 2012! Results!

Rolou hoje na Rússia, organizado pelo Alexey Tunetz Potapov, no Luzhniki Complexo Olímpico o World Freestyle Championship 2012!
Confira o resultado e fotos do treino!

World Freestyle Championship 2012 Line Up! — com Alexey Tunetz PotapovAnton ShalamentsevJoe DicksonMatt Brind e Ezo Brand. Foto: Lei Oliva Leonard
Vine fs3 - Foto:Tunetz
Polish power!- Foto:Tunetz
Pasha bs1- Foto:Tunetz
Bora bora- Foto:Tunetz
Touai- Foto:Tunetz
Filming ATBA uk crew with pash- Foto:Tunetz

Mais Informações e eventos na Russia acesse - Mountainboard in Russia

Abaixo formato do evento e dados do set up:

5000 euro prize money split for 6 riders finished top in the finals. Max 40 riders in final day. Special format for Qualification, 8 riders go to the Finals with 40 minutes Jam (3 best different runs counts). Overall impression judging criteria. Judges will be snowboard certified IJC specialists and ex-pro mountainboarders. Set up will be not smaller than the previous time (Mountainboard European Tour 2010), we plan to have one of the biggest ever.

Small description of competition areas:

* 7 meter roll in;
* 10 meter transit;
* 2 meter height jump;
* 5 meter to knuckle;
* 6 meter wide landing;
* 4 meter quarter or some skatepark obstacles (subject to change to bigger one).

Enjoy The Ride!

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